Thursday, 31 December 2009

and so it is

just like you said it would be
life goes easy on me
most of the time
and so it is
the shorter story
no love, no glory
no hero in her sky

i can't take my eyes off of you
i can't take my eyes off you.

i'm thoroughly being a copycat and writing a reflective blog. emma's really got me thinking about the year i've had. there's so so much that's happened this year.

january was pretty uneventful, though i brought the new year in with one of my nearest and dearest friends, matt.

february, i went to paris for the first time since i was five. i completely fell in love with the city, despite the cold and the irritating beggars near the eiffer tower, it's a beautiful place. & even though it's only a tiny part of me, i'm proud that my great nan was french. she was a beautiful person, inside and out, and the country just reflects that. i'm not joking when i say, i could happily live there. one of the best parts of the experience was sharing it with matt - i love him to pieces, he's an incredible person, even if he does drive me insane at times. & though things are different between us now, i thoroughly believe it's all worked out for the best & wish him every happiness in the future, i really do.

march, again was uneventful but filled with little days to remember. for the most part, i spent march, april and may preparing for my exams, being sociable only when i had the chance. i grew pretty close to emma again and my closeness with nikki stayed the same, we became a trio. i began to drift from someone i had once been very close to - and i must admit, it does upset me abit.

easter was fun this year, i spent it on a lovely summery day, having a drive around aimlessly with matt. we spent alot of time driving round, talking, listening to music. i'll never forget it.

june, exams, stress, social life death, stress, revision. the whole lot. but once they were done, relief, freedom; summer began. :)

july was spent working (boo hiss), going out (hurrah) and best of all, a day in alton towers; amazing. matt drove emma, nikki, andy and i to alton towers for the day. one of the funniest days all year - i don't think anyone realised just how much emma and me can talk, until they agreed to come out that day. 'whole lotta lovin'!'
'jiggly charlie!' so, so many laughs that day!

august was amazing, full stop. i went back to paris with matt again, but this time we stayed in an amazing hotel, went to disney for a day, visited some sights again, mooched around the shops - and the weather was amazing! i had so much fun there and took way too many pictures. i also somehow mastered the ability to get sunburned on one side of my face; that takes skills. :')

september, i started university & thoroughly wasted my time there. i was dreading going in, right from the start & was bored almost immediately. none of it interested me - aside from the social aspect. so rather than waste thousands of pounds worth of funding, i 'suspended' my studies. law definately is not for me. alot of people think i was too hasty, but i'm happy with my choice. the only downside is that the course i wanted to transfer to was full, so i have to spend my year working. perhaps i'll use this blog in order to keep my essay skills on the go. - not that i'm writing very grammatically well atm or anything, ha! but my aim is to study english, then to go onto journalism or teaching infants/primary children. :) for now, i work part time in two jobs. it's boring, but it pays i suppose!

the end of august/start of september was a big time for me, not only did i have my whole uni episode, but matt & i broke up. at the time, it was hard. but both of us get on a million times better now, and for that i'm very lucky/thankful! we're so so much better as friends. :)

september was when the mass of thursdays began, many blurry nights of giggles and fun. october, november, filled with blurry fun nights, spur of the moment cinema trips with ged and emma, planned trips with nikki, drunken dancing with nathan and abi on podiums, the lot. halloween was a disaster, but i loveloveloved my costume this year - magenta! ♥!

november, i saw alice cooper yet again - amazing, as per usual. & it was so much fun to see scott and millhouse :) - emma and i had so much fun! then the following week, i turned twenty. twenty! i'm no longer a teenager, how thoroughly depressing! in an attempt to do something 'different' i decided to not go on a night out, and to take advantage of the 'spectacular' winter weekend fun that blackpool advertised, aswell as my gallery trip to see new moon, courtesy of nikki ♥! blackpool was one of the worst and best days of the year, all at once! it rained more than i've seen in months, it was blisteringly cold, over half of the theme park was shut, several men with no teeth, with curtains in their hair and 90's -esque earrings charmed us 'tight scousers', 'rampant rabbit!' 'stick it in you ;)' - all the usual lines that make a girl weak at the knees. despite all that, we laughed, told awful jokes, acted like children and had a ball. i loved it, because i had good company with me :) - sammie, emma & nikki. best ever.

december, an eventful and memorable month, definately. nikki, emma & i took a trip to manchester to see marilyn manson (goffs, wahh) and it was incredible; we all felt about 16 again, as though we should have been back in 2006, chilling at the pier. but marilyn is a great live act. i'd go again, even if it is full of 12 yr old 'goffs' and 40+yr old bnp followers. i don't appreciate being 'humped' by old men though, no no no.
as well as our manson trip, we had our tea party night in nathan's with nikki, emma, abi, sammie, natalie, lauren & emma a - amazing! having agreed to stay in and drink ale, play 'i've never', we got home at around 6am, wasted and having had a bloody good rave on podiums. i love the awful videos nikki has of our taxi rides. not only was there the tea party/town night, there's been several nights i won't forget and will never fully remember; revs 'glamrock' night, baabar monday with eddie, toe, danny, sammie, emma, nikki, boulton, jambo, martin - absolutely everyone was out, vacancy in 305 reformed, i called a truce with someone i'd rather not bicker with and i spent christmas with the family. it was a good month.

i've had an incredible rollercoaster style year. two trips to paris, a break up, starting uni, dropping out, reapplying, countless nights out, growing closer to old friends; emma & abi, making newer friends, nathan amongst others and staying close with old favourites, nikki & matt. i've loved 2009 for the most part. & i hope 2010 is just as amazing/eventful.

happy new year :)

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

I still don't...

quite understand Robert Pattinson's ability to turn me into some sort of obsessive twelve year old fangirl. He is beyond beautiful. Not even joking. I'm way too excited for the new movie.

So, I've just got back from visiting Paris again with Matt. Beautiful. I love it there; I honestly could see myself living there quite happily. Though with all those tempting sweeties around, I'd end up forty stone. Scary thought. We went to Disney Land whilst we were there, fantastic. I was like a child, honestly. One of the most exciting days I've had in a long, long time. I loved every second!

I went to see The Time Traveller's wife the other day with Nikki & Em, I loved it. Just like the book, it managed to make my cry. Embarrassing! Though Nikki & Em hadn't read the book, so they found it quite difficult to follow? But I think that might've been down to their inability to stop talking ;)! It missed quite a chunk out from the book, but overall I think it was brilliant.