Friday, 26 March 2010

i could probably do with a massive massive vent atm, but, i'm supposed to be getting ready for work, so all i'm going to say on the matter is, thanks for that, i thought you had more respect for me than that. if i don't get a worthwhile respsonse within a week, well, less really, i'm going to be ridiculously miffed/upset, but i suppose if it comes to that, everything i didn't want to accept has just been put infront of me - big fat refreshing slap in the face. maybe i needed it.

on the other hand, just been paid, hurrah. defo been taxed, boo. i still need to claim back moneys off adams too, hm. last payment to jmu is on the 1st too, thank god that'll be over with. but i bet sfe will start soon. :/ ridic. everybody i've spoken to in my situation has said they've not had to pay back until they've gone back and finished their education. sly! so i have to chase that up i guess.

easter soon, woo cause people'll be home, boo cause i'll be working loads. SLY that. i'm grateful for the hours, but they defo need to take more staff on, i'm not supposed to be full time. :/ anywho, i best go get ready for work. odd how today is the longest sleep ive had in about two weeks and i'm more tired than i was originally. well, maybe abit less tired, several 5am starts don't bide well with me like, but so. i'm tired and i don't get it. :')

atleast emma's coming round later. i spy a sulk/a rant/a film/munch and general cheering up.

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