Monday, 1 March 2010


I started today, hurrah. It wasn't too bad - I think it went quite well, everybody was friendly, I didn't burn anyone/anything aaand I made quite a few drinks. Smug.

The pay is better than I thought, too. So I'm looking forward to getting stuck in :)
Unimpressed with not being allowed to wear a watch though? Sly.

I'm in again tomorrow and Friday, too. :)

I think tonight calls for a cup of tea and a new book; I bought another Nicholas Sparks one the other day. 'The Last Song', it sounds good - About a girl who gets moved away by her parents, and finds her first love. I love his writing style - The Notebook made me sob, fully sob. What a girl, eh.
He writes quite 'emotional' stuff for a guy, his work seems focused on romance and the strength of love etc - Especially The Notebook and A Walk to Remember. Both beautiful stories, about how 'love conquers all'. I guess it's a nice change for a guy to have such a view though.

I can't wait to get into bed tonight; shattered. I'm going to be a sad git and wait for a reply first though. Impatient me, I hate waiting. If I don't get said reply, I'm going to fume abit and then give up on that. ...I say this, but I won't.

Lady Gaga has announced more tour dates - wheyyy. Buzzbuzz. So going.

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