Friday, 12 February 2010

i do

enjoy john tucker must die.
i don't however, enjoy the way a certain person doesn't know how to shut up.
i thoroughly don't see the need for her to bring him up at every available opportunity. no, he is not out shagging all kinds, and no, i hadn't been thinking about him, but thanks for bringing it up. now i have that thought on my mind. really, i appreciate it. the worst, is when i haven't even thought about him, and she insists on making a joke, bringing him up. does she not realise how annoying it is? i can do without it.

so, it looks like i have the job at starbucks, hurrah. fingers crossed i get the call on tuesday, but the manager seemed pretty impressed and said its basically a yes. so hurrah :) :)
it'll start on a temp contract (purely down to other stores shutting/their staff being up for first choice with the jobs, they'll all turned them down though) but i don't mind aslong as it becomes a permanent one!

i wish a certain someone was back on holiday. i love her to pieces, but she's been home a day. and i'm going mad already! stop talking about rubbish! grr.

i'm unimpressed with this valentines. thoroughly unimpressed. sitting at home with a book, the sims3 and my nan, oh how romantic. this time last year i was in paris. major major sulk.

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