Sunday, 3 January 2010


There's no need for how badly I want to move to New York or Paris, I've always always loved the idea of the writer/journalist lifestyle; a chic apartment, vintage and modern all at once. Carrie Bradshaw had it going on! A full wardrobe of designer shoes, clothes, chic little tables, cutesy ornaments and cushions, whole walls of shelves covered in books; perfect.

I wish something would inspire me to write again; I used to thoroughly enjoy writing but nowadays I get easily distracted - clearly don't get good enough ideas anymore. I could happily read for months on end and when I do have a good idea, I thoroughly enjoy writing. Perhaps something will come along soon. I can't wait to get back to education, it sounds silly, but I'm actually envious of my friends who have coursework, homework, exams etc. Working two part time jobs, neither of which interest me, bores me so so much. I'm actually excited for the future, for starting my new English Literature course and deciding what I actually want out of life.

I definately want to travel. Definately. Spend six months in Paris, living on fruit, croissant and tea - perfection! ♥! It's one of my favourite places ever. I've not been to New York yet, but I just know it'll rank alongside Paris in my affections. I know it will.

I have so much to get in order this year though, I'll use Paris and New York as my goal. I've set myself several resolutions, whether or not I'll keep them is a different topic or not, but we'll see;

- Drop a dress size & a half again, happy times.
- Get back to university; already done I suppose, but to actually enjoy it this time, to stick at it.
- Start writing again, find inspiration.
- Perhaps practise French again, re-educate myself.
- Fix my ridiculous sleeping pattern.

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