Sunday, 17 January 2010


The Boom-town Rats definately should have made that christ awful song about Sundays instead of Mondays. Sundays by far are the most boring day ever. I'm even tempted to do some work. I might do some art in my sketchpad instead though, if Nan doesn't mind me making a mess again.

Yesterday was a nice change, it was a good surprise not to have to go into work! & I definately think seeing Emma and Ged cheered me up loads, even if we do all pick on each other. I love the way the three of us just bully one another but if one of us needs a shoulder to lean on or something, we're all the first there to offer one.

I've still not heard from Cath Kidston. I was cheeky though and gave a CV into the store as well as the online app. We'll see! I'm still mulling over Matt's offer. More hours and money would not go amiss whatsoever; I'd be able to pay jmu off without worrying, to give my Nan money without being short and to get out of my overdraft, as well as have so much more of my time actually be my own.

However, I'd have a much more important role in his company which would terrify me if I made mistakes, cause so much more would depend on me and I wouldn't want to somehow render all the hard work he's put in, useless. I hate talking to strangers on the phone, too. Especially if I've no idea about or interest in what it's about. Don't get me wrong, I'm interested in his business, I hope it works out really incredibly well for him and I'm so proud he's done so well already, but as far as taking a personal interest in it goes, it all goes over my head. I actually don't understand most of it, which is why the work I do for him at the minute is far better suited to me. Another downside if I accept the offer, would be I'd be working from home. Everyone goes 'ahh I wish I could do that!' whenever they ask what I do, but seriously, I've never spent so much time indoors in my life :| I'd slowly but surely go stir crazy. I need to give it all a serious think.

Very serious think.

I definately do not take kindly to being rang at half four in the morning and then ignored, either. Irritation.

Also, completely off topic. Contemplating dying my hair a darker red? Maybe. If I find a good shade I'll do that again, I liked it last time. None of this pillarbox red though, I'm not that brave!

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