Tuesday, 5 January 2010


So today may equal a thoroughly unproductive day, again. Everyone bar me has revision to do, Matt's sent me no work through and I'm off from Adams. So far, I've slept in later than I should have, played games with Isabella and watched 'This Morning'. Productive, productive. Though Bon Jovi was on my TV and I've taught Isabella to go 'wahhhh' and wave her hands in the air when he's on - so perhaps not a complete waste. This poor child has no chance of being 'normal', especially with me as a big cousin.

It's snowing too - hurrah! I hope it snows so much that every Uni gets cancelled and my friends will be big kids and play out with me. :')

Perhaps I should start writing stories again. I should take a leaf out of Nikki's book - she uses her spare time to write, I waste it thoroughly. Sly.

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